The Dimerco Value Plus System® is a Web 3.0 based Mobile Intelligence Logistics System that supports supply chain management on the Cloud; it increases both mobility and the intelligence of our logistics operations and improves management efficiency, while also driving service excellence for our customers.

Our system’s main features include an Intelligent Mobile App., Tracking Visibility, Customized Application and Reporting. This patented EDI Solution with Global Visibility is also able to link with Robotic Process Automation.


Dimerco aims to provide customers with best-in-class service in all locations. We help our customers to grow their business and achieve their logistics management goal in Supply Chain Management by leveraging our Business Intelligence Technology (BIT), our Industry Know-how, Strategical Air and Ocean Carriers' Partnership and Professional Teamwork.


Intellectual Property Rights Granted (Patent)

Consolidation Yield Management System® (CYM®, Patent No. I 505230 (TW) & Patent No. US 8,694,440 B2)

Data Synchronization Method® (Patent No. I 439873 (TW) & Patent No. US 8,850,074 B2)


In order to achieve operational and management excellence together with market leading customer service, Dimerco Express Group has successfully deployed the Dimerco Value Plus System® on August 1, 2009. This global supply chain management platform now utilizes the latest Web 3.0 infrastructure which integrates the sales activity, operation, accounting, and financial management processes with Mobile Networking & Applications. Dimerco can now provide a virtual office concept, allowing an anywhere, anytime approach, utilizing smart devices. Real-time visibility to our customers for their effective business management in Supply Chain is now achievable. The system is hosted in the cloud which will ensure high performance and service reliability, as well as reducing our carbon footprint by taking advantage of energy efficient technology.

Feature Highlights

  • Supply Chain Orientation
    Integrates sales activity, operations, accounting, and financial management across the Supply Chain in the transportation and logistics industry for management efficiency and customer service excellence.
  • Web 3.0 based collaboration on Cloud Networking with Applications
    Eases deployment, connectivity, accessibility, ensures high performance and service reliability, as well as reduces carbon footprint by taking advantage of energy efficient technology.
  • Business Intelligence
    Centralizes the data control mechanism to improve data quality, with dynamic and flexible analysis reporting tool for customizable reports.
  • Automation
    Preserves natural resources by reducing paperwork through the automation of integrated work flow and processes across the Supply Chain.
  • Customer Focused
    Collaboration Service Platform as well as Data Integration capabilities for seamless connectivity with our esteemed customers.

Dimerco Value Plus System®

Dimerco Value Plus System® is called for short as "15861" and covered as following:

1 System

One Integrated Transportation & Logistics Service Management System

5 Platforms

Operation Platform, Service Platform, Cloud Networking Platform, Cyber Security Platform and Development Platform

8 Operation Modules
  • eSAM - Sales Activities Management System
  • eCall Freight System® - Trucking Management System
  • eAMS - Air Freight Management System
  • eOMS - Ocean Freight Management System
  • eWMS - Logistics Warehouse Management System
  • eDAS - Domestic Air Freight Management System
  • eRMS - Railway Freight Management System for Cross-Border Train Freight (CBTF)
  • eFMS - Finance & Accounting Management System
6 Supplementary Functions
  • eRate - Rate Query System
  • CYM - Consolidation Yield Management System (Patent No. I 505230 (TW) & Patent No. US 8,694,440 B2)
  • DYM - De-Consolidation Yield Management System
  • 3PS - Triangle Trade & 3rd Party Billing Management System
  • CBS - Customs Brokerage Management System
  • ACS - Automated Centralized Settlement
1 Big Data Bank

Enabled By Data Synchronization Method (Patent No. I 439873 (TW) & Patent No. US 8,850,074 B2 )


Shall your company be interested in innovating your logistics process through Dimerco Value Plus System®, please contact us through for more information.



  • Supply Chain information / milestone Track & Trace
  • Event Management & Notification
  • Shipment Document Sharing Capability
  • Customize Reporting & Analysis Service



  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability with all involved parties
  • Collaboration Service Platform (CSP) via internet access
  • Initiative on IATA e-Freight Project to support paperless shipment.
    As of Dec. 2019, Dimerco is ranked at:
    No. 4 by e-AWB penetration during Dec. 2018 to Dec. 2019 of Top-50 freight forwarder groups



  • Standardized Operation System with Local Applications
  • Continuous Process Integration & Automation
  • Supply Chain Flow Control Mechanism
  • Reporting Management Tools


Dimerco connects upstream and downstream vendors and customers via our cloud-based Collaboration Service Platform (CSP), utilizing virtual office functionality, smart mobile technology and networking, to provide our customers with highly efficient services anytime, anywhere in one place.

Key Features

  • A service experience architecture based on customer's supply chain
  • All shipments as well as purchase orders held in one place
  • Ability to share data with the customer's trading partners across the supply chain
  • A dashboard with interactive reporting tool
  • Event-base, pre-emptive intelligent alerts and reminders
  • Easy to use customizable reporting tool


Key Benefits

With the rise of technology, such as IoT, Smart Wearables, Augmented Reality, Big Data and Cloud Networking, the demand of smart and intelligent mobile application is expected to rise exponentially. To meet this demand, Dimerco’s intelligent mobile applications continue to adopt advances in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, ensuring we are ready to deliver future-ready solutions.



  • System Integration using Master Item List, EDI / Template
  • Use your PO/Item number to trace or use your own interface



  • Order Placement to your vendors on our platform with communication history. No more e-mails to dig through!
  • Make booking requests on the same platform and send straight to our Dimerco Value Plus System©
  • Real time booking/shipment data as they are updated in our Dimerco Value Plus System©
  • Item View to get status for all PO/shipments containing that item
  • Information sharing to your teams


Just for you

  • Customizable view to meet your preference. No more unwanted information.
  • We feed shipment milestones to your system. No more jumping between systems!
  • Improve your productivity. Sales/Shipping/Procurement/Warehouse can now all know what is coming to better serve your customers