As an Asian-based total logistics service provider with almost five decades of experience, Dimerco has broadened its initial expertise in Greater China and ASEAN into India, the United States and Europe.

Here’s what gives us our competitive edge:

  • We operate a global network with strategically located Dimerco owned offices, together with extensive marketing and sales outlets in China and Asia Pacific
  • Our organization is built on a culture of professionalism, customer service and teamwork
  • We enjoy long-term strategic partnerships and alliances with selected airlines, ocean liners and other carriers, based on a positive experience, mutual growth and cost/risk sharing
  • Our supply chain and logistics management knowledge is second-to-none
  • We provide total logistics service solutions on a worldwide basis
  • The Dimerco brand is recognized in all major countries
  • We are Business Intelligence Technology driven and our supply chain management service is based on our own copyrighted IT logistics operation system and service platform
  • We are financially sound with the highest levels of Corporate Governance


Few, if any, other providers can offer the range of capabilities, advanced technology, global network and in-depth experience and expertise of Dimerco. This is what creates our clear competitive edge.