Our Values


Our Vision

Our vision is to "Be the most competitive global transportation & logistics service provider, integrator and consultant", providing professional, flexible and cost-effective total solutions that meet our customers’ diverse requirements.

We position ourselves as a ‘Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Provider’, based on our Business Intelligence Technology developments and applications. This, together with our professional business unit division, allow us to respond hyper-efficiently to customers’ requests for effective supply chain management solutions.

Our e-commerce platform, the unique Dimerco Value Plus System®, is continually upgraded to meet the needs of our global customers. We seek not only to consolidate internal data and information for enhanced management performance, but vitally, to help customers build their competitiveness by providing external data integration and real-time information visibility for more effective supply chain management.


Our Core Competency

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility


Our Culture

  • The Spirit of Service and Concept of Cost
  • Internal and Customer Communication
  • Market-Oriented Marketing Strategy and Operation
  • Responsible Instantaneous Actions
  • Modest Self-Expression



Our Corporate Mission

  • Dimerco is a global Chinese Company that recognizes and rewards all employees and strategic partners, regardless of race or religion. We encourage all to participate and enjoy the growth of the company and to share in its prosperity.
  • Our mission is to understand fully our customers’ needs, utilizing all available technology and resources, to provide pro-active advice and outstanding services to our customers, driving business value and growth together.
  • We pledge to continually improve our competitive edge in order to be the most competitive transportation & logistics service company.


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