Dedicated to excellence for near 50 years, Dimerco is committed to becoming the most competitive global logistics service provider based on Dimerco’s unique value and corporate culture. Via global reach with local expertise, network globalization, products diversification, operation optimization, data integration and the application of the internet of Things (IoT)– Dimerco builds both physical and virtual channels to provide far-reaching international logistics services that enable business growth.

Management by professionals

Dimerco is led by professionals that instill the Dimerco team with a global vision and a comprehensive view on strategy planning. The Dimerco management ensures sustainable operation of the company.

Flexible organization

Dimerco runs a flexible business organization and a profit center system where the entire team works for a common goal and resources are utilized to maximize benefits.

Overall operation efficiency

Dimerco looks into different customer needs and uses digital technology and organizational resources to deliver integrated logistics services including transportation, distribution, warehousing, and customs clearance. With Dimerco services, clients can quickly respond to market changes and meet customer demands. Dimerco’s services help minimize operation costs, inventory pressure and risks, thereby maximizing overall operation efficiency.

In addition, Dimerco is committed to upholding the corporate social responsibility in environmental protection and sustainable operation. It looks forward to becoming a green partner of global customers, organizations and societies, working with them to jointly create a more economical green solution for a better future. Therefore, to play an active role in protecting the environment, Dimerco is committed to building a paperless and green work environment by establishing transparent data links with its business partners and clients.

Keen on keeping abreast of market trends and worldwide economic development, Dimerco has been expanding globally and growing at a steady pace. Dimerco embraces ethnic and religious differences, and work with all of its strategic partners and local employees from all over the world to carry out a localization strategy that creates a win-win situation for both Dimerco and its local partners. The goal of our global expansion is to reach all corners of the world and become the leading international transportation and logistics services provider embracing a sustainable growth strategy that is characterized by global reach with local expertise, network globalization, products diversification, operation optimization, data integration and the application of the internet of Things (IoT).

Recently our environment has been plagued by the increase of greenhouse gas emission, desertification, water pollution, air pollution, ozone depletion, accelerating deforestation and soil erosion, species collapse/extinction, and the melting of our polar ice caps. Although, it is difficult to balance our environment with economic strategies, Dimerco accepts the challenge to do its part in preserving our environment while continuing to expand in the market place. Dimerco is going green.


  • Make adjustments to the work environment to create a balance between productivity and developing environmentally-friendly accommodations.

  • Identify the needs and requirements of major customers on sustainability and green initiatives.

  • Offer the innovative service module to fit the green supply chain.

  • Develop a methodology to evaluate the environmental damage is being deduced and how performance is increasing.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The simplest part of going green involves reducing our usage of stationary, paper cups, chopsticks, and bottled water. Cans, bottles, and paper will be separated into appropriate recycling units. Employees will get into the habit of using non-disposable cups and eco-friendly items to eliminate waste. Dimerco will develop a green purchasing policy to reduce waste in the office. To help go green, Dimerco will produce durable cups and chopsticks as a gift to employees and our customers.

Build up Paperless and Green Working Environment through IT/IS Solutions

One of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint is to enhance or/and utilize the available IT solutions in order to reduce or eliminate unnecessary resource consumption. Dimerco will continuously explore a variety of methods of going green by investing in information technology, development, and application. As of July 2017, Dimerco is ranked at: No. 8 by e-AWB penetration during Jan. to Jul. 2017 of Top-50 freight forwarder groups.

Internal Supply Chain

On August 1, 2009, Dimerco successfully deployed web 2.0 based Dimerco Value Plus System® which is capable of preserving natural resources by reducing paperwork through the automation of integrated work flow and process across the Supply Chain. By automating and integrating various parts of the internal supply chain processes, from Sales, Operation, Finance and Accounting, Dimerco not only improves our operation and management efficiency, but creates a paperless working environment.

Partnership with Alliance, Airline/Carrier and Customers

Through Data Integration (EDI) capability and solution, Dimerco is able to exchange the shipment information/data electronically with our agent partners, airlines/carriers and customers. This information interchange optimizes data accuracy and user efficiency, it also reduces consumption of resources such as paper (e.g. fax, printer) and electricity. (e.g. email, fax machine, printer)

Dimerco also participates in the e-freight project, which is facilitated by IATA (International Air Transport Association) with some of major Airlines to support this innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly project that aims to take the paper out of air cargo supply chain process.

Internal Control & Policy Setup

By using the practice of one user for one workstation concept, Dimerco has established the IT Asset Procurement Policy which aims for information/data security, protection and management, as well as to classify user’s workstation entitlement based on his/her job functions/responsibilities/levels. Through this policy, Dimerco is able to allocate proper and appropriate resources to best suit the users need in their daily operations. This will ensure natural resources are being fully utilized. Along those lines, Dimerco also encourage our users to reuse and recycle whatever IT hardware (e.g. workstation, server, peripheral and etc.) that remain usable and not cause any electricity wastage.

Transportation Management

Having an efficient transportation management system is another optimum way to reduce the carbon footprint left by Dimerco. Through the development of dedicated service modes of transportation and network optimization strategy based on our customers’ requirements Dimerco will be able to save transportation miles and fuel reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is practiced currently through the Dimerco system. The Consolidation Yield Management® (CYM®) module consolidates all their shipments into one shipment resulting in reducing package and usage of space which optimizes the allocation arrangement of carriers to avoid the waste of resource and protect our environment.

Supply Chain Management

Efficiencies in supply chain management can be used to reduce the need for unnecessary transportation services. Dimerco is constantly growing with its customers and partners by providing time-defined international freight forwarding services as well as designing, implementing customized logistics management solutions. With our experienced logistics team worldwide and IT capability we would welcome the opportunity to better understand the customer’s unique needs and identify the strategy which the customer need for green success.

Apart from the business world, Dimerco Express Group participates and sponsors various social projects to aid those in our communities who are in need. Dimerco has assisted refugees in Northern Thailand, assisted victims of the 921 earthquake in Taiwan, as well as participated in the development of educational facilities in China's Anhui province.

Environmental Protection
Social Care

1.0 Business Conduct

1.1 Adaptation to the International Marketplace

The Dimerco trades on a global basis through a wide range of services and industries, each of which has its own specific requirements and customers.

1.2 Compliance with applicable Laws

Each of the countries in which we trade has its own laws and regulations and Dimerco follows every country’s laws in each location.

Every Dimerco Office must follow the law of the country in which it trades or to which it is subject. On a local level each individual office must follow any applicable law of their relevant city, state, province, region or similar subdivision.

In the rare event that such laws impact the legal environments of other countries (such as official trade sanctions, embargoes or known export / import controls) the trading division must seek clear and formal advice from the relevant Dimerco legal department or the Integrity helpline.

Dimerco does not accept any excuse for individuals or departments breaking any applicable law.

1.3 Anti-Corruption Policy—Guidelines

  • Dimerco personnel may not under any circumstance, directly or indirectly offer, give or promise any money, goods, incentive or services to any official (of any rank) of any government that could in any way be considered or perceived as a bribe or improper payment.

  • Dimerco personnel may not under any circumstance directly or indirectly offer, give or promise any individual, company or third party any money, goods, incentive or services that may be considered or perceived as corrupt, illegal or promoting unfair corporate advantage.

  • The Integrity program encourages extreme caution in appointing any consultants, business partners, subcontractors or any similar outside party that could in any way be considered or perceived as a facilitator of improper practices.

  • Compliance

    The Dimerco recognizes and adheres to the various anti-corruptions laws in place globally including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials and the European Union Anti Corruption Policy.

  • Enforcement

    Dimerco recognizes the importance of clear enforcement and auditing of all transactions to ensure that our business is executed without corrupt practices.

    Dimerco is requiring that its overseas sub-contractors and Agents Certify that they are aware of the FCPA requirements of Dimerco.

    Dimerco as a matter of policy prohibits its officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, port services providers, customs brokers, terminal operators, truckers, and any other service providers, from corruptly, either directly or indirectly, offering anything of value to a foreign government official, foreign political party or candidate for foreign office to influence an official act or secure an improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business.

  • Individual Responsibility

    All Dimerco offices, and relevant management personnel, must familiarize themselves with the anti-corruption laws applicable to their activities in the countries in which they trade, as well as the laws of any other countries which could affect their activities or those of another Dimerco company with which they trade.

1.4 Business with our Customers

Dimerco will make every effort to retain existing business and to develop new business with our customers. We are committed to fair and legal trade and we require behavior in line with the commitments and objectives of the Integrity program.

We wish to win new business and maintain existing business by providing products and services that offer quality and value and meet the demands of the marketplace.

In the event that any customer in any location, for any reason feels that our trading divisions do not meet the spirit of the Integrity program we invite him to first contact a senior member of our regional trading division, and in the event that a satisfactory solution is not reached, to contact our Integrity helpline where the concern will be addressed at a high level within our management structure.

1.5 Business with Governments

Dimerco frequently provides services to national and international governmental bodies and organizations either under regional trading conditions or under specific contractual conditions.

Our Group values and encourages business with government bodies and understands the specific needs of this important and complex business environment. Our individual trading divisions are available to offer further details on developing or maintaining individual government contracts and services.

The following statements summarize Dimerco’s Integrity in this complex area:

  • We will approach government business through appropriate / official channels only and shall comply fully and transparently with the agreed terms of any business undertaken

  • We will not use improper means of any sort to influence the award or execution of government business

  • We will comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant national or international body

  • We will adhere to all relevant anti-corruption laws

  • We will adhere to all relevant import / export control laws, boycott or sanction laws of the host nation and will, to the best of our ability, make known any potential discrepancy with the laws of other nations

  • We will not accept any government contract in which a conflict of interest is in any way demonstrated

  • We will not knowingly employ any person or company that is disqualified from providing services to government

  • We will be transparent in our dealings and our record-keeping

  • We will observe any confidentiality requirement and will not allow records or any other relevant materials to be inappropriately disclosed

1.6 Business with Partners

In many locations individual trading divisions of the Dimerco are involved in many different types of agreements with outside companies or individuals.

These may include joint venture and joint service agreements, equity participation, subcontracting agreements, charter or lease agreements, use of common-user services and a wide range or similar activities which are intended to be mutually beneficial.

As with all Dimerco transactions the principle of Integrity must apply and the Dimerco Office will not knowingly enter or maintain any agreement in which our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is in any way compromised.

For clarity, we are honest and ethical with our partners and we expect our partners to be honest and ethical with us.

Dimerco Offices must report any actual or suspected inappropriate activity undertaken by potential or current partners to their direct management.

1.7 Business with Suppliers

Dimerco is supplied by a wide range of global manufacturers, vendors and service providers covering the demands of the many industries in which we participate. The goods and services provided by our suppliers range from complex contractual supply chain agreements to occasional provision of minor items.

We expect our suppliers to be honest and ethical and wherever possible to subscribe to a code of conduct similar to our own Integrity program.

Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that our suppliers behave responsibly and observe the laws of the countries in which we trade, including anti-corruption laws and practices.

Our purchasing of goods and services is based on quality, service, price, suitability, availability and similar relevant factors. We observe the relevant laws of each country in which we trade.

Dimerco applies Integrity to our dealings with suppliers and we commit to behaving reasonably and ethically at all times. Dimerco will not apply duress or unfairly use our size or dominant position (in certain trades and marketplaces) to secure any inappropriate advantage. We employ fair business practices with all suppliers.

1.8 Reporting, Recording and Disclosing Information

Almost every employee of the Dimerco formally reports or records information. This can range from the simplest timesheet to very detailed data management systems and other formal reporting structures for commercial, financial, legal, compliance or audit purposes.

Every Dimerco report or record at every level should be complete, accurate and honest. There should be no evasive or misleading statements and no exaggeration or omission. Integrity is a requirement in reporting and record keeping.

Informal internal communications should also be treated with the same level of concern for accuracy and honesty. Employees should avoid inappropriate humor or remarks which could be misunderstood out of context.

Each individual or department’s reports and records should, where practical, be approved by their immediate superior before being distributed to other parties or to the hierarchy of the trading division.

The Dimerco does not allow its employees to inappropriately disclose any information, reports or records (by any means including email). Such actions may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal of offending employees. In some cases such violations may also lead to criminal or civil prosecution.

Our Integrity program also prohibits any trading division, department or employee of Dimerco from obtaining direct or indirect benefit derived from inappropriate use of confidential records or reports received or obtained from outside parties. Such inappropriate actions may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal of offending employees. In some cases such violations may also lead to criminal or civil prosecution.

Disclosure of information falls into three main areas:

  • Confidential Information

    Dimerco maintains contractually and commercially confidential information. We do not disclose any confidential information to any third- parties except where required to do so by law or with the express permission of the third party.
    Where information or records are subject to confidentiality the relevant information is limited only to authorized personnel.

  • General Business Information

    General business information is maintained in line with good commercial practice. This information is not specifically ‘confidential’ but is held within the company for commercial, operational and legal reasons.
    Dimerco does not provide any third-party with any information concerning our customers, suppliers (or other relevant parties) without receiving specific permission, unless required to do so by law.

  • Public Information

    All public information, such as filed accounts and shareholder information and similar records and reports are available to any appropriate party on request.
    Much of this information is in the public domain and can be accessed through the normal channels (media, government records, internet etc).

1.9 Competition

Dimerco undertakes to apply Integrity to all of our business practices and we seek to win business only by fair and honest means.

The Dimerco complies with the laws of the nations in which we trade and we commit to respecting and implementing all relevant anti-trust laws, monopoly governance or similar legislation that is intended to ensure fair and unrestricted trade.

Where such regulations in one country may affect business in another country the matter should be referred to the relevant Dimerco legal department or the Integrity helpline.

Dimerco does not tolerate unfair competition practices such as price fixing, misuse of information or trade secrets, confidential information received from past or present employees of our competitors or any other similar illegal actions.

Our staff must not misrepresent themselves or use any other form of deception to attain competitive advantage.
Such inappropriate actions may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal of offending employees. In some cases such violations may also lead to criminal or civil prosecution.

Only Dimerco Management is authorized to make any agreement with any competitor. In the event that such an agreement is under consideration the authorized director must seek and obtain clear advice and permission from the relevant Dimerco legal department or from the Integrity helpline.



The Integrity program is a clear commitment from the Dimerco Express Group (hereafter as Dimerco) governing ethics, compliance and business conduct.

The Integrity program reflects our longtime values and defines us in every aspect of our global business, now and into the future. These common values are a promise to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our partners and all of the communities in which we trade.

Our directors, managers and employees will actively and continually develop the Integrity program which will benefit everyone that is involved in business with Dimerco.

1.1 Ethics Policy

The Dimerco consists of a wide range of business interests around the Globe and we are committed to Integrity in every aspect of our activities. As a culturally diverse Group we are committed to a clear Ethics Policy which is implemented throughout all subsidiaries of our Group in all locations.

  • We adhere to fair business practices

  • We meet our commitments

  • We adhere to the laws of the countries in which we trade

  • We do not take, pay or benefit from bribes of any sort

  • We do not deliberately misrepresent ourselves in any way

  • We care about the health, safety and security of our staff and the greater community

  • We respect each individual as well as the communities and cultures of the countries in which we trade

  • We expect our employees to be honest, professional and proud of their work

The above statements are the foundation of our Ethics Policy. They are developed throughout this document and actively implemented through the Integrity program.

1.2 Code of Business Conduct

The Integrity program is the basis of the Dimerco Code of Business Conduct. This entire document details the principles of the Code.

Integrity is based on the following core values:

  • Integrity is more important than profit

    Dimerco clearly understands that following the Integrity program might restrict short-term profitability or market presence in some locations. No employee or division of Dimerco will ever be criticized for their commitment to Integrity.
    We believe that Integrity will increase our business overall and ensure that we meet the needs of the future.

  • We obey the law

    Every Dimerco entity obeys the laws of the countries in which it trades or to which it is subject. Our management in each location intelligently applies the Integrity program and in the event that there is ever any doubt or potential conflict with laws and regulations in any specific location our management must seek advice from the relevant Dimerco legal department or the Integrity helpline.

  • Integrity is

    The Integrity program does not address every conceivable business practice in every global location. It is intended to be used as a general guideline for the conduct of all Dimerco personnel and to communicate a realistic standard and minimum expectation for companies and individuals trading with us.
    Each of the companies of the Dimerco must have in place its own specific Code of Conduct which must comply with the Integrity program. Any existing policies or Codes must be reviewed periodically to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements of the Integrity Program.
    Integrity is intended to be applied intelligently and in a practical manner to all working practices in all locations in order to meet our ethical and legal commitments and enhance our business.

  • All Dimerco employees must follow the Integrity program

    All employees of the Dimerco will receive this document and are obliged to behave in accordance with the Integrity program.
    Where language or literacy levels are thought to restrict comprehension of the Code the regional management must ensure that all employees fully understand the requirements of this Code.

1.3 Integrity is a Commitment

The clear statements above are the foundation of our Integrity program. We are committed to implementing these standards in every location and recognize that they are fundamental to Dimerco’s future success.

Any Dimerco employee that becomes aware of any issue or practice that involves a potential violation of an applicable law or violation of any provision of the Integrity program has an affirmative responsibility to report the matter to their immediate management structure or to the Integrity helpline.

Dimerco commits that all reported violations will be properly investigated and that we will never impose any penalty or allow any kind of employment disadvantage to any employee for reporting illegal or unethical behavior unless such report is found to be deliberately untrue, malicious or vindictive. If the reporting employee was involved in activity that is found to violate this Code, the employee will be appropriately disciplined for the violation, though a voluntary disclosure may be given favorable consideration in the discipline process.

Any Dimerco employee in any location is invited to contact the Integrity helpline or relevant Dimerco legal department to clarify any questions, clear any doubts or discuss any concerns. The confidentiality of any report will be maintained strictly.

2.0 The Integrity Helpline

Every Dimerco employee in every location is invited to contact the Integrity helpline to clarify any questions, clear any doubts or discuss any concerns. This invitation extends to our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and any other interested party.

Regardless of location any employee of Dimerco will have free access to the Integrity helpline. No supervisor or manager of the company is authorized to prevent any employee from accessing the helpline.

The Integrity program intended to be a living, working initiative that reflects and continually enhances the Dimerco Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Chief Internal Auditor
Dimerco Express Group
Telephone: 886-2-2793-3399
Facsimile: 886-2-2792-7052
Chief Internal Auditor from CRPIA shall be held to the same obligations and standards as provided herein.

CSR Performance Summary

  1. Participate in tree planting activities in 2013 for three years and donated NTD 5,000,000. Encourage employees join the tree planting activities with their families.
  2. Belong to service industry, didn’t come put with polluted outputs. To carry out environmental policy, we not only implement paperless online job but also make reusable tableware for employees and customers. Besides, replace plastic bags with paper bags. We will keep our best on this issue.

As “Your China & ASEAN logistics specialist”, Dimerco Express Group has continuously provided sustainable total solutions, which attract worldwide leading companies’ eyes on cooperation. Plus, Dimerco also dedicates to the promotion and practice with our customers and alliances on Improvement of Economy, Society and Environment along with the applications on several critical topics, such as Green Policy, Industry-academic Cooperation and Social Care.

Our Ethics Code

April 1, 2013


Subject: Letter to Customers, Employees, and Agents: Our Ethics Code

In order to achieve the highest quality standards, our company has been working constantly to improve our structures and processes for the benefit of our customers. This applies not only to our service products, and management, but also to the behavior of our employees and agents. We place the highest priority on making our customers successful, knowing that customer success guarantees our own corporate success. One of our priority is to be governed by our knowledge of the global and local requirements of our customers and markets. We include and prioritize the customer focus in all our business processes, projects and dealings. We as a company stress our ethical, social and environmental obligations as much as the quality of our service. We therefore strive for best practices in all these areas to secure customer trust.

To achieve these goals, the Board of Directors of Dimerco Express Group (“DIMERCO” or “the Corporation”) has resolved to establish and maintain a compliance and ethics program which conforms to Dimerco’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct designed to detect and prevent violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and of other application foreign bribery laws. In this respect, DIMERCO has adopted a clear corporate policy against violations of the FCPA and by these is required to establish compliance standards and procedures to be followed by its employees, consultants, and agents. These standards which have been embodied in our FCPA Compliance Program are reasonably capable of reducing the prospect of conduct which may violate the U.S. FCPA or the anti-bribery laws of other jurisdictions. By resolution the Board of the Corporation has established the following Policy as the cornerstone for establishing and maintaining its FCPA Policy and Compliance Guidance Program:


The Corporation as a matter of policy prohibits its officers, directors, employees and agents from corruptly, either directly or indirectly, offering anything of value to a foreign government official, foreign political party or candidate for foreign office to influence an official act or secure an improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business.