06/07--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (06/07-06/20)
06/03--Dimerco supports vital aid effort for COVID-hit India
05/24--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (05/24-06/06)
05/10--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (05/10-05/23)
05/05--ISO 27001 certification underlines Dimerco's commitment to information security
04/27--Dimerco switches transportation modes to beat delivery deadline
04/26--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (04/26-05/09)
04/20--COVID 19 - Update from Dimerco India (Indian government restrictions)
04/12--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (04/12-04/25)
04/06--COVID 19 - Update from Dimerco India
03/29--Bi-Weekly Freight Market Update (03/29-04/11)
03/24--Dimerco commences operations at first bonded logistics center in Indonesia
03/16--Restructure at Dimerco will deliver 'quicker response and greater flexibility'
03/15--COVID-19 Updates - 15 March 2021
03/08--COVID-19 Updates - 8 March 2021
03/02--Let's find more about Dimerco's Cross-Border Trucking flexibility and efficiency via New Released Video
03/01--COVID-19 Updates - 1 March 2021
02/23--Cost-effective delivery of helicopters to Indonesian Government by Dimerco
02/22--COVID-19 Updates - 22 February 2021
02/08--COVID-19 Updates - 8 February 2021
02/01--COVID-19 Updates - 1 February 2021
01/28--Dimerco delivers critical cargo in just five days with Air Charter Service
01/25--COVID-19 Updates - 25 January 2021
01/18--COVID-19 Updates - 18 January 2021
01/11--COVID-19 Updates - 11 January 2021
01/04--COVID-19 Updates - 4 January 2021
12/28--COVID-19 Updates - 28 December 2020
12/28--Dimerco will further strengthen Cross-Border Trucking flexibility and efficiency with the Tuen Mun- Chek Lap Kok link
12/21--COVID-19 Updates - 21 December 2020
12/18--Dimerco is honored to celebrate China Airlines' 61st anniversary together with the rolled out its first 777 freighter.
12/15--COVID-19 Updates - 14 December 2020
12/07--COVID-19 Updates - 7 December 2020
12/04--Sponsored by Dimerco, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center begins Taiwan tour despite pandemic
11/30--COVID-19 Updates - 30 November 2020
11/23--COVID-19 Updates - 23 November 2020
11/23--Dimerco Highlights Aerospace Logistics Capability Facing COVID-19 at The 3rd IASC Leadership Summit
11/16--COVID-19 Updates - 16 November 2020
11/09--COVID-19 Updates - 9 November 2020
11/02--COVID-19 Updates - 2 November 2020
10/28--Dimerco secures sought after helicopter contract from leading aviation company
10/26--COVID-19 Updates - 26 October 2020
10/19--COVID-19 Updates - 19 October 2020
10/12--COVID-19 Updates - 12 October 2020
09/28--COVID-19 Updates - 28 September 2020
09/22--New office set up in Shenzhen, China
09/21--COVID-19 Updates - 21 September 2020
09/14--COVID-19 Updates - 14 September 2020
09/07--COVID-19 Updates - 7 September 2020
08/31--COVID-19 Updates - 31 August 2020
08/24--COVID-19 Updates - 24 August 2020
08/20--Cost-effective logistics solution from Dimerco saves fees on heavy cargo shipment
08/18--COVID-19 Updates - 17 August 2020
08/10--COVID-19 Updates - 10 August 2020
08/05--Dimerco expedites oversized cargo shipment with on flight transit and airside examination/release
08/03--COVID-19 Updates - 3 August 2020
07/27--COVID-19 Updates - 27 July 2020
07/20--COVID-19 Updates - 20 July 2020
07/13--COVID-19 Updates - 13 July 2020
07/13--Supporting physical and mental disabilities, Dimerco donated hundreds of face mask covers while holding its Annual Friendship Golf Tournament
07/06--COVID-19 Updates - 6 July 2020
07/01--Dimerco maintains 'business as usual' service with COVID-19 contingency plans
06/29--COVID-19 Updates - 29 June 2020
06/22--COVID-19 Updates - 22 June 2020
06/15--COVID-19 Updates - 15 June 2020
06/09--Dimerco Hosts 2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/08--COVID-19 Updates - 8 June 2020
06/01--COVID-19 Updates - 1 June 2020
05/25--COVID-19 Updates - 25 May 2020
05/18--COVID-19 Updates - 18 May 2020
05/11--COVID-19 Updates - 11 May 2020
05/11--Dimerco's Value Creation to Customers with Business Intelligence Technology (BIT) Capability in New Launched Video
05/06--COVID-19 Updates - 6 May 2020
04/28--Dimerco supports donation of 80,000 COVID-19 masks for Italy
04/27--COVID-19 Updates - 27 Apr 2020
04/20--COVID-19 Updates - 20 Apr 2020
04/20--Dimerco achieves recognition of AEO accreditation across China
04/13--COVID-19 Updates - 13 Apr 2020
04/08--COVID-19 Updates - 8 Apr 2020
03/31--Dimerco's Customized Charter Flight Service to Enhance International Logistics
03/30--COVID-19 Updates - 30 Mar 2020
03/27--COVID-19 Updates - 27 Mar 2020
03/23--COVID-19 Updates - 23 Mar 2020
03/16--COVID-19 Updates - 16 Mar 2020
03/13--COVID-19 Updates - 13 Mar 2020
03/13--COVID-19 Updates - 12 Mar 2020
03/11--COVID-19 Updates - 11 Mar 2020
03/10--COVID-19 Updates - 10 Mar 2020
03/09--COVID-19 Updates - 9 Mar 2020
03/06--COVID-19 Updates - 6 Mar 2020
03/05--COVID-19 Updates - 5 Mar 2020
03/04--COVID-19 Updates - 4 Mar 2020
03/04--COVID-19 Updates - 3 Mar 2020
03/03--COVID-19 Updates - 2 Mar 2020
02/29--COVID-19 Updates - 28 Feb 2020
02/27--COVID-19 Updates - 27 Feb 2020
02/26--COVID-19 Updates - 26 Feb 2020
02/26--COVID-19 Updates - 25 Feb 2020
02/24--COVID-19 Updates - 24 Feb 2020
02/24--COVID-19 Updates - 21 Feb 2020
02/20--COVID-19 Updates - 20 Feb 2020
02/19--COVID-19 Updates - 19 Feb 2020
02/18--COVID-19 Updates - 18 Feb 2020
02/18--COVID-19 Updates - 17 Feb 2020
02/15--COVID-19 Updates - 14 Feb 2020
02/13--COVID-19 Updates - 13 Feb 2020
02/13--COVID-19 Updates - 12 Feb 2020
02/11--NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia) Updates - 11 Feb 2020
02/03--Dimerco's Quick Action to Support Precaution of Coronavirus
01/30--Dimerco's Action Plan Regarding Coronavirus in China
12/30--Dimerco and Elanders enter joint venture for air and sea freight forwarding business
12/16--IMO 2020 Ocean Freight- New Low Sulfur Regulations Effective from Jan.1, 2020
12/02--Dimerco collaborates with strategic Mexico partner to facilitate logistics for Villanueva
11/14--Dimerco Concludes Successful Run at 2nd China International Import Expo with Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Capability
11/06--Dimerco Highlights Mobile Intelligence & Aerospace Logistics Capability at 2nd China International Import Expo
10/28--Dimerco announces restructure as CEO retires
10/21--Dimerco again invited as panelists at 3PL Value Creation North America Summit held by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. on October 16 in Chicago
09/26--New office set up in Nansha, China (Ocean Freight)
09/23--New office set up in Mianyang, China
08/06--Dimerco interview posted on CIO IT Magazine Advancing IT System Development and Application
07/16--Supporting mental retarded children, Dimerco celebrated its 48th Anniversary with 100 love lunch boxes at its Annual Friendship Golf Tournament
07/09--Dimerco Sponsored the 4th Year of Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club (MPBGC) Annual Golf Invitational
06/28--New office set up in Chongqing, China (Ocean Freight)
06/21--New office set up in Nanjing, China (Ocean Freight)
06/20--Dimerco expertise supports new manufacturing base in Malaysia
06/10--Dimerco Hosts 2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/04--Dimerco delivers crucial shipment to meet construction deadline for Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport
05/31--Dimerco CEO again invited as panelists at 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit held by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. on May 16 in Hong Kong
04/15--Dimerco expands North American network with new Seattle office
04/11--New office set up in Seattle, U.S.A.
03/14--Dimerco delivers urgent Aerospace cargo from US to China in 5 days
02/26--Dimerco highlights its historical milestone with corporate value and strength at Annual Management Meeting
01/22--Dimerco carries out dual-brand strategy with dedicated ocean freight service team in Singapore
01/02--New office set up in Singapore (Ocean Freight)
12/12--Supporting developmentally disabled children in Taiwan, Dimerco provides 100 lunch boxes with love at its Annual Friendship Golf Tournament
11/26--Dimerco Highlighted China and ASEAN Inbound Logistics Capability at China International Import Expo
10/31--Dimerco offers Indonesian solution
10/23--New office set up in Hefei, China (Ocean Freight)
10/15--New office set up in Suzhou, China (Ocean Freight)
10/08--Dimerco release new video to celebrate achievements over the decades
10/02--Dimerco dedicates to Academia-Industry Collaboration with Takming University of Science and Technology in Vietnam
09/20--Dimerco named as awards finalist for second year by Lloyd’s Loading List
08/15--Strengthening owned customs brokerage service, Dimerco's new India JV starts operation on August 1st
08/09--New office set up in Shanghai, China
07/16--MTO accreditation opens growth opportunity for Dimerco in India
07/04--Dimerco Express Group invited to the finale Finance Forum analyzing on the trend and effect of Smart Transportation on July 4 in Taipei
07/03--Dimerco Sponsored the 3rd Year of Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club (MPBGC) Invitational Golf Tournament
06/28--Dimerco firstly recognized with Talent Quality-management System in Taiwan and keeps strengthening its human resources with management programs
06/14--Dimerco overcomes delays to deliver outsize cargo on time
06/08--Dimerco Hosts 2018 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
05/29--Dimerco Chief officers again invited as panelists at 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit held by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. on May 16 in Hong Kong
05/24--Dimerco crowned Airfreight Forwarder of the Year for third time
05/07--Dimerco New Office Set Up in Irvine, CA, U.S.A.
05/03--Dimerco interview posted on Commercial Times on May 02, 2018
04/25--Dimerco Express Group invited to the key Finance Forum of analysis onthe effect of Artificial Intelligence to Human Resources on April 25 in Taipei
04/25--New office set up in Linyi, Shandong, China
04/20--Dimerco Again Recognized for Its Strong Growth in Ocean Freight Services by Transport Topics
04/12--Dimerco Express Group rolls out latest technology to keep ahead of the curve
04/02--New office set up in Wuhan, Hubei, China
03/08--Dimerco Express Group invited to the key Finance Forum of analysis on financial policy and industry competitiveness on March 7 in Taipei
03/02--Dimerco announces strong growth figures for 2017
01/31--Dimerco delivers super fast shipping solution for Mahindra & Mahindra
12/28--Dimerco Express Group invited to the key Finance Forum of analysis and forecast for Global Financial Crisis on December 27 in Taipei
12/12--Supporting people with physical and mental disabilities, Dimerco provides lunch boxes with love at its Annual Friendship Golf Tournament
11/21--New office opens as European growth curve continues for Dimerco
11/20--Dimerco's Cross-Border Train Freight Project Recognized by BIFA
11/08--Dimerco interview posted on Air Cargo World Magazine [November edition] The Plum Blossom Soars: How Taiwan's largest cargo carrier makes freighters work
11/07--A Singaporean intern of Dimerco Express Group recognized with a gold medal in Worldskills Competition 2017 in Abu Dhabi
11/02--Mr. Edward Lin of Dimerco Express Group spoke at the Finance Forum organized by SooChow University Department of Business Administration on November 1 in Taipei
11/02--Dimerco New Office Set Up in Venlo, Netherlands
11/01--New expansion of Dimerco in Venlo, Netherlands
10/21--Dimerco invited to present Import/Export Operations in China at the seminar held by Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs on Oct.19, 2017
10/13--Dimerco CEO Mr. Edward Lin gave a speech at International Logistics Development Strategy Forum on Oct.12, 2017
10/05--Dimerco interview posted on Trade Insight Magazine [October 2017- 477 edition] Leading experience of insights on Singapore market & future development
09/30--Dimerco interviews posted on Lloyd’s Loading List and The Loadstar
09/30--Dimerco Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Paul Lee gave a speech at National Taipei University of Business on Sep. 26, 2017
09/28--Dimerco interview posted on CIO Advisor Magazine Real-Time Freight Management Using Mobile Technology
09/26--Dimerco firstly recognized on award finalist by Lloyd's Loading List
09/12--Dimerco highlighted successful experiences at Rail Logistics Forum held by Global Supply Chain Council on August 29 in Shanghai, China
08/17--Dimerco's Dynamic Approach to Oversize Freight Project Recognized by Heavy Lift Magazine [July/August 2017 edition]
08/11--Devoting to Social Contribution, Dimerco collaborates with Takming University of Science and Technology
07/20--Mr. Edward Lin, Chief Executive Officer of Dimerco Express Group spoke at Summer Economic Forum held by CommonWealth Magazine on July 20 in Taipei
06/14--Dimerco Takes a Dynamic Approach to Oversize Freight Project
06/08--Dimerco Hosts 2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/08--Dimerco interview posted on Cargo Talk in India [June 2017 edition]
06/06--Dimerco recognized again as The Power 25 Largest Forwarders and the interview posted on Air Cargo World Magazine [June 2017 edition]
05/25--Dimerco cross-border train freight project saves time and costs
05/18--Dimerco Chief officers again spoke at 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit held by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. on May 17 in Hong Kong
05/17--Dimerco wins Airfreight Forwarder of the Year 2017
05/12--Dimerco approved Tax Credit by Taiwan Government first time for the IT innovation on its R&D Investment
05/08--Dimerco CEO Mr. Edward Lin gave a speech at CEO Seminar held by Soochow University Dep. of Business Administration in Taipei, Taiwan on April 25, 2017
05/02--Dimerco Celebrates Its Strong Growth in Ocean Freight with Recognition by Transport Topics
04/19--Dimerco Corporate Vice President Mr. Joey Chou gave a speech at Taiwan Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications on Apr. 17, 2017
04/14--Dimerco sponsored Keelung Fairy Tales Festival held by Keelung Government & YMCF for Children and to advocate Ocean Protection
04/11--Dimerco nominated as 3PL of The Year Award on finalist and Executive's speech presented at 2017 Multimodal in UK on Apr. 4, 2017
04/10--Dimerco supported Fundraising Program by cnYES.com for elderly and social welfare institutions in Taiwan
04/10--Dimerco interview posted on Air Cargo World Magazine [February 2017 edition]
04/07--Dimerco New Office Set Up in Portland, OR, U.S.A.
03/30--Dimerco Corporate Vice President Mr. Joey Chou gave a speech at Taipei International Convention Center on Mar. 28, 2017
03/16--Dimerco CEO Mr. Edward Lin gave a speech at Department of Transportation Science in National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in Keelung, Taiwan on Mar. 13, 2017
03/10--Dimerco interview posted on Global Views Magazine [March 2017- 369 edition]: Leading experience of insights on Thailand market & cross border road freight
02/24--Dimerco was ranked as the best employee welfare among the forwarding industry by Wealth Magazine in Taiwan. [February 2017- 522 edition]
02/22--Dimerco Strengthens Top Team to Build on Continued Business Growth
12/30--New office set up in Xiamen, Fujian, China
12/29--Dimerco Expands Ocean Network in China
12/19--Supporting mental retarded children, Dimerco celebrated its 45th Anniversary with love at its Annual Friendship Golf Tournament
12/12--Dimerco interview posted on United Evening News on Dec. 11, 2016
12/01--Dimerco is Official Partner for 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade
12/01--New office set up in Qingdao, Shandong, China
11/25--Dimerco interview posted on Common Wealth Magazine [November 2016- 611 edition]: The Success of Dimerco Express Group in Cross Border eCommerce Market
11/09--Dimerco Transforms Fashion Logistics with New Business Model and IT Capability
11/04--Dimerco continues growth in China as new offices opening carry out its dual-brand strategy
10/31--New office set up in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
10/31--New office set up in Mumbai, India
10/31--New office set up in Shunde, Guangdong, China
10/31--Dimerco Wins New Business with Unprecedented Speed
10/25--Dimerco Executive’s speech in UK on Sep. 28, 2016 was featured in 2 industry magazines [October 2016 edition]
10/12--How to release your Hanjin operated containers in Singapore port terminal
09/30--Dimerco celebrates success in China
09/19--HJN operating vessel tracking information - HJN / YML / EMC website
09/01--New office set up in Batam Island, Indonesia
09/01--Customer advisory of Notice and Action Plan to recent Hanjin shipping's financial problem
08/18--Dimerco impresses in India with another industry award
08/11--Dimerco and Takming University of Science and Technology: grooming the future logistics talent
08/08--New office set up in Hyderabad, India
07/29--Half year results highlight strong growth in North America and Europe for Dimerco
07/15--Dimerco Hosted 4th Global Economic & Celebrity Forum in Taiwan on July 14th
06/24--Dimerco is Awarded as “Airfreight Forwarder of the Year 2016” by Air Cargo Week
06/10--2015 Customer Appreciation Award to Armstrong
06/08--Dimerco Hosts 2016 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/03--New office set up in Ahmedabad, India
06/01--Dimerco CEO Mr. Edward Lin gave a speech at National ChiaoTung University (NCTU) in Hsinchu, Taiwan on May 30, 2016
05/27--Chief officers of Dimerco Express Group spoke at 3PL Value Creation Asia Summit held by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. on May 18 in Hong Kong
04/25--From vision to reality - Dimerco is recognized as one of the most competitive global transportation & logistics service providers, integrators & consultants
04/19--Dimerco sponsored the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club (MPBGC) Invitational Golf Tournament
02/26--Dimerco named Top 5 freight forwarders of Chennai Air Cargo Complex
11/27--New office set up in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
11/09--New office set up in Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
11/03--Dimerco Chosen as the Main Logistics Partner of Alibaba and JD for China “Double 11” Day
10/08--Dimerco New Office Set Up in Walnut Creek, CA, U.S.A.
09/21--New office set up in Jia Xing, Zhejiang Province, China
09/09--Dimerco Opens New Rotterdam Office in September
09/01--New office set up in Rotterdam, Netherlands
09/01--New office set up in Changzhou Jiangsu Province, China
08/25--One and Only Taiwanese Company: Dimerco’s Subsidiaries Both Honorably Named in CIFA 2014 Top 100 and Air Cargo Top 50 Logistics Listings
08/07--New 3rd tier office set up in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China
06/29--Dimerco Received the 2015 AFLAS Award
06/18--Dimerco Hosts 2015 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
06/15--Dimerco ranked on 2014's Largest Forwarders by Air Freight Metric Tonnes
04/30--Dimerco Singapore Receives TAPA Class-A FSR Certification
03/06--Dimerco Announces Strong Growth
01/29--Dimerco Received “NETGEAR Best Logistics Partner Runner-Up”
12/31--New 3rd tier office set up in Changsha, Hunan Province, China
12/16--Dimerco Accredited with China Well-Known Trademark
11/26--Dimerco Receives 2014 China Advanced Logistics Company Award
10/27--Dimerco Launches its "China Plus - China Integrated Value+ Services" and Image Video globally
08/25--Dimerco CEO Edward Lin speaks at ASCM Forum
07/15--Dimerco Announces Cambodia JV Operation and Full ownership of Australia offices
06/11--Dimerco Hosts 2014 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
05/30--New office set up in Hefei, Anhui Province, China
05/05--Dimerco Consolidation Yield Management System© (CYM) and successfully filed for a US patent.
04/02--Dimerco Ranked Top by Taipei Customs Administration with Customs Declaration Submission thru Electronic XML
03/20--Dimerco founder & Chairman Mr. Paul Chien names Mr. Edward Lin as CEO to represent inheritance by generation.
02/17--Dimerco Express Group Annual Management Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Feb. 13-15, 2014
01/27--DIMERCO Greets 2014 repositioning as DIMERCO - Your China & ASEAN Logistics Specialist

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