We Provide Logistics Solution Tailor-Made For Individual Customer!

As "Your China & ASEAN Logistics Specialist", Dimerco cares about your need. We listen to you, study on your case and provide you our best total solution. Dimerco provides customized services for customers around the world from 50+ leading industries. For more information please contact us.


Aerospace- Helicopters

Seeking to be the most competitive global transportation & logistics service provider, integrator & consultant, Dimerco took the initiative to deliver customized logistics solution for Aerospace industry, mainly in the general aviation sector. For aircraft cargo such as Dangerous (DG) and Non- Dangerous (NDG) parts, accessories, helicopters, etc., Dimerco has rich experience in offering services for transporting.

The unique and complex features of Aerospace cargo require specialized and professional handling in terms of transportation and storage. Dimerco is able to design suitable solutions as per specific requirements.

Our Expertise and Services

Being a global logistics service provider, Dimerco possesses an extensive global network that provides efficient and reliable services. Moreover, Dimerco’s strong carrier relationships ensure the best logistics solution is provided to our customers. As for customs clearance, Dimerco’s experience and know-how enables fast customs declaration for aircraft cargo.

With increased demand for aircraft shipments in the general aviation sector, Dimerco’s extensive experience in controlling and managing transport services enables us to successfully monitor scheduled shipments efficiently and ensure safe delivery.

Our services include:

  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance pre-setup and guidance
  • Door-to-door or door-to-port services
  • Truck delivery solutions
  • Palletizing solutions

Dimerco Experience:

Helicopter delivery:

Dimerco success stories:

By sea: Bell 407 - 40’HQ - USA to China - loading at origin

By sea: Bell 407 - 40’HQ - USA to China - unloading at destination

By air: Bell 407 helicopter - Chicago to Guangzhou

Aerospace- Project Cargo

Aerospace- Warehouse

Apparel & Textiles

Apparel logistics is a different world, more trend-driven than other Industries. So apart from moving freight from factory to market, adjustments may need to be implemented at a moment’s notice to take into account new materials and designs. Increasingly, apparel companies are turning to technology solutions to help meet supply chain demands in this very competitive market environment.

Inherent in these complex global supply chains are issues with managing raw materials and finished goods moving among global regions including Asia, India, Africa, and Latin America. By utilizing the Dimerco Collaborative Service Platform (CSP), our customers can access visibility of consolidation points and manage the supply chain from the vendors’ raw materials, to the factories that cut, style, and package the finished products, to the global distribution centers, and to the end market.

Our Expertise and Services

Dimerco Express Group meets these demands with a custom flexible Web-based system, Dimerco Value Plus System©, including a Warehouse Management System (WMS) module to combat supply chain obstacles.

Our Web-based technology provides real-time information to allow apparel companies to better track their product across the global supply chain, making it easier to make timely decisions on changes to colors, styles, sizes and where products are being sold by utilizing one of our custom reports. With the help of a high tech supply chain monitoring system, which includes using electronic data interchange (EDI) platforms thru Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) connections and sending an advanced shipment notices (ASN), importers can access information such as when goods left from the original port, when goods are estimated to arrive, with key milestone events, including customs.

Supported by Dimerco’s advanced technologies, customers can streamline the logistics process and have access to data early in the supply chain, with the value benefitting players from manufacturer to retailers. Furthermore, our customers will continue to take the lead in transitioning the apparel industry from manual and fractured management to being run globally through a high tech network.

Our services include:

  • Managing raw materials with purchase order management and electronic data interchange visibility and tracking
  • Warehouse services
  • Total solution from raw materials to the market
  • Expertise on local customs and compliance in foreign countries (APAC)
  • Value-added services.
  • Pick and pack solutions

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is a major driver of the global economy, with vendors rushing to get their latest gadgets to market quickly - from smarter computers, to smaller, more energy-efficient tablets, to the newest trending cell phones. New products are released throughout the year. To handle the shipping of these goods requires intricate knowledge of each client’s specific lead times, from manufacturing lead times to "on the shelf" sales timelines, as well as an understanding of shipping requirements and return material authorization (RMA) policies. Succeeding in such a fast-paced, ever-changing environment requires a logistics partner that truly understands its client's needs and can help its customers manage the supply chain.

Understanding the supply chain of the consumer electronics industry has been the key to our success.

Our Expertise and Services

Tailor-made solutions to meet each client's specific needs and requirements

Our services include:

  • Purchase order management
  • Air and ocean services
  • Transload trucking capabilities
  • Electronic data interchange connectivity
  • Sea/air service options
  • Alternate routing during critical periods
  • Carrier relationships to help expedite critical shipments
  • Web-based tracking visibility

Medical & Health

Dimerco continually strives to be the most competitive global transportation & logistics service provider, integrator and consultant, within the ever expanding medical device and equipment supply chain. A dedicated team of Medical & Health personnel work to provide customers professional logistics solutions to manage, implement and accomplish your logistics strategy. Our experience handling medical projects, especially for medical devices, medical equipment, and diagnostic testing kits, allows for increased efficiency, speed, compliance and performance of your global supply chain.

Dimerco’s professional team provides shipment visibility and monitoring capabilities, allowing the supply chain to be continually monitored, evaluated and adjusted to optimize internal productivity.

Our Expertise and Services

Our services include:

  • Supply chain optimization to match the requirements of specific products
  • Time sensitive consideration: Flexible, fast and responsive logistics processes– 24/7/365
  • Regulatory and compliance expertise worldwide
  • Technology to access your supply chain including web-based monitoring
  • Flexible and alternate routings solutions during critical periods
  • Carrier relationships to help expedite critical shipments
  • Product consultation from packaging to fulfillment

Oil & Gas

Seeking to be the most competitive global transportation and logistics service provider, integrator and consultant, Dimerco Oil & Gas dedicated team provide you professional logistics solution to help you well manage your logistics strategy. With Dimerco’s global network, staff expertise, and airline relationship, we are able to provide the competitive logistics solution to satisfy your need.

Our Expertise and Services

We have years of experience and knowledge in handling odd-size cargo for air freight service which requires special equipment for loading and unloading, such as for cargo over 10 tons per unit (generators, compressors, air taggers, etc.) or for over 1,000cm in length. Deadline, urgency of delivery and close shipment monitoring are our key areas of expertise when it comes to handling Oil & Gas projects.

Our competitive advantages:

  • One-stop shopping of specialized & integrated logistics services
  • Comprehensive range of modular services available
  • Strategically placed global network
  • Supply chain security
  • Solution-oriented services provided by a dedicated staff
  • Experienced and multimodal cross-trained staff
  • Single point of contact
  • Key account management & KPI tracking
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) for all clients
  • 24/7 global support
  • High-end customized IT solutions
  • Supply chain optimization

Our services include:

  • Key-account management with a dedicated Dimerco team
  • Oil & Gas supply chain management
  • Air & sea chartering
  • Project management
  • PO management and Web tracking
  • Marine/cargo insurance, surveys & inspections
  • Route surveys and site inspections
  • Out-of-gauge & heavy lift transport engineering
  • Crane supply, manpower & supervision
  • Hand carry
  • Priority & swift rider
  • Courier services
  • 24/7 emergency support hotline


Semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronics with related shipping demand mainly comprised of spare parts and capital equipment. Shipping these types of goods tend to be time sensitive and complex. For “Spare Parts” shipments, delivery time is extremely time sensitive, with shortest transit times, i.e. NFO (Next Flight Out) or “Critical Machine Down” shipment services being in high demand. As for capital equipment, other than the consideration for high level of safety and security, any oversized equipment has to be processed and shipped under careful guidelines in order to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain flow. For this, Dimerco provides specialized arrangement and provides complete handling from point of manufacture to final consignee. With our know-how and years of experience, we can fulfill the most detailed requirements from our customers.

Our services include:

  • Time sensitive shipments – (NFO & Critical Machine Down)
  • High sensitivity and oversized shipment support
  • Climate-controlled shipments
  • Air ride & climate-controlled trucking transportation
  • Crating, rigging & white glove services
  • Other customized services
    - Specialized expertise handling team
    - Shipping planning and cost analysis
    - Customized safety & operating procedure
    - On-site shipment handling & monitoring
    - Irregularity management
    - Rehearsal and risk management
    - All risk cargo insurance

Service Logistics

Diversified International Service Logistics (DSL) is a Dimerco Express Group Company. DSL delivers unsurpassed performance in mission critical service logistics for leading companies needing global solutions to meet their customers’ operational requirements.

DSL understands the basic importance of delivering the right part to the right place at the right time, but also realizes it is equally important to provide information through a user friendly system that keeps clients informed.

We can start small and grow with a customer by providing single or multiple warehousing locations and expanding as the business grows. We can also leverage our 130+ locations around the world and provide a more integrated solution that can “hit the ground running.” Each solution is tailored to your specific needs and designed to be flexible to change and grow to keep in line with your expanding business and more detailed requirements.

Our Expertise and Services

Leveraging the resources and capabilities of our parent company (Dimerco Express), we can provide customers a complete solution that includes supply chain, customer distribution, and product support/reverse logistics services.

Our services include:

  • Total solution - one-stop-shopping
  • Strategic logistics/warehousing operations around the world
  • RMA/reserve logistics /24x7 customer service
  • 4 hour/same day/ next business day delivery to local markets
  • Provide transport management where required
  • Systems: Web-based IT system for order entry & inventory management
  • Fiscal representation/ VAT management
  • Value-added services: Product integration, product triage

Our Core Competencies:

  • Specialized supply chain management team
  • Global service solutions for high-tech industry
    - Semiconductor equipment manufactures
    - Network & telecom equipment
    - Medical equipment
  • Customized global logistics solution tailored to meet each customer’s needs
  • Hub/depot warehouse operation (Global re-supply)
  • Global Web-based (real time) IT system
  • Inventory management control
  • 24/7 critical parts delivery centers
  • Reserve logistics, returns & repair management
  • Carrier management
  • Fiscal services and customer planning

Our Network Partners:

  • Best in class, best in country
    - Providers focus on high tech
    - Combine depot operation with mission critical delivery
    - Full forwarding & customer clearance and fiscal competencies
    - 24/7 on call with English-language support