Headquarter Office

Founder and Chairman
Paul Chien

As the 1st public listed Global Logistics Service Provider in Taiwan, Dimerco Express Corp. was founded by Mr. Paul Chien in July 1971 with the mission -

To establish a most competitive global logistics service provider by applying marketing oriented strategies to leverage all available resources and technology in an innovative manner to diversify service products, to expand global network and to improve business management effectiveness for purpose to grow together with his customers. All those productive employees and strategic partners, who have participated in the growth of the company in the past over 40 years, have all enjoyed fruitful return per Dimerco business philosophy and corporate culture.

After naming Mr. Edward Lin as the CEO in March 2014, Mr. Paul Chien remains the role as Chairman of the Board.

Chief Executive Officer
Edward Lin

Edward was named CEO of Dimerco Express Group in March 2014 after he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in Dimerco for over 10 years. Prior to joining Dimerco, he has been engaged in Evergreen Line, Eva Air and Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. for over 25 years. Edward had dedicated his experience and innovation to help Dimerco establish Corporate strategies and develop resources to improve Dimerco's accomplishments for continuous growth and sustainability.

Chief Commercial Officer
Paul Lee

From Business Development Manager, President, Greater China to Chief Commercial Officer of Dimerco Express Group, named in 2017, Paul has worked for Dimerco over 20 years since 1994. Before joining Dimerco, he had prior experience in this industry for 8 years. He is committed to drive Dimerco for continuous growth as one of the major Int'l Logistics Service Providers in China and for multinational company clients in the years to follow.

Vice President for Investment and Investor Relation Management
Jack Ruan

Jack used to dedicate himself to Corporate Financial Management and Worldwide Controllership in Dimerco for 17 years. Since 2012, he was named Vice President for Investment and Investor Relation Management.

Corporate Controller
Jing Chen

Jing was named Corporate Controller in July 2013 after serving as Asst. Corporate Controller in Dimerco for more than 6 years. Prior to joining Dimerco, she has worked with DHL and SDV Taiwan as Accounting Manager for more than 6 years. Jing has devoted her experience in logistics industry and focusing on financial management to strengthening corporate financial policy and to enhancing Dimerco's continuous prosperity.

Corporate Legal Vice President
Kelly Chou

Kelly has dedicated himself to the legal and insurance aspects of the transportation industry (maritime, aviation and surface) more than 30 years. Since 2016, he was named as Corporate Legal Vice President.

China & Hong Kong

Andy Hsu

Andy joined Dimerco as Corporate Vice President in December 2014 from Morrison Express. Prior to that, he devoted himself in China Airlines for 23 years and served as General Manager of Cargo Sales, Marketing and Services in both China and Taiwan. With more than 25 years’ service in logistics industry, he is appointed as President, Greater China in 2017 and he will dedicate his competency to develop Dimerco's partnership in Greater China with more strategic alliances other than participation in Dimerco strategic settings and implementation and to drive Dimerco for continuous growth as one of the major Int'l Logistics Service Providers in China.

Ocean Freight General Manager
Johnny Kao

Before joined Dimerco in 2013, Johnny worked at Ta Mou Lines and Wan Hai Lines for 31 years, engaged as Sales, Management expatriated to Korea, Japan and Singapore and Internal Auditor, etc. Named as Ocean Freight General Manager, Greater China, Johnny is committed to lead and to drive for the growth of our Ocean Freight Management services in China, together with other Dimerco Logistics Service Business Units.

District General Manager of Hong Kong District & General Manager of Dimerco Hong Kong
Eddie Law

Eddie started his career with Dimerco Express Group in 1993. From Management Trainee, Sales Executive to District General Manager of Hong Kong District & South China District, he has walked through every step and concentrated on business development of air freight division. After organization restructure in South China District, Eddie was appointed as District General Manager of Hong Kong District & General Manager of Dimerco Hong Kong in November 2015. With 25-year dedication and sales experience, he will keep working together with his team toward prosperity.

District Ocean Freight General Manager of Greater China South District and General Manager of Diversified Hong Kong
May Tse

May joined Diversified Hong Kong as Operation Clerk in 1990. Walking with Dimerco step by step, in order to enhance the productivity & operation efficiency and further integrate Hong Kong and South China ocean freight activities, she was appointed as District Ocean Management in South China and Hong Kong in 2009. And in Oct. 2014, she was appointed as District Ocean Freight General Manager of South China District and General Manager of Diversified Hong Kong. Over 25 year, she has devoted herself to ocean freight development, and she will keep coordinating and making every effort with her team to grow even better.

North America

Roy Chen

For more than 36 years with Dimerco, Roy first joined Dimerco as the Accounting Manager in Taiwan and then relocated to Hong Kong in charge of the controllership covering our business units in Hong Kong in 1980. He is the pioneer who helped found Dimerco in Canada in 1990 and has made Dimerco's success in Canada for the past 25 years. He was named the President of Dimerco in North America since the year of 2000 and has built professional management team for Dimerco in North America and has made remarkable achievement for Dimerco in the U.S.A. in the past 15 years.

Ocean Freight Vice President
Herbert Liou

With Ocean, Air and Intermodal Freight Management experience for more than 36 years, Herbert joined Dimerco in 2006 as General Manager, Los Angeles. Before that he had one time worked for Evergreen Shipping and Eva Air for 23 years. Herbert was promoted to General Manager Western District and Vice President Ocean Freight of Dimerco in the North America in 2014 in recognition of his contribution and management capacity.

Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Greg Spudic

Mr. Spudic joined Dimerco in 2005 with over 30 years of success and history within the transportation and logistics industry. In his last position at Exel Global Logistics, he was Regional Manager of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Spudic was with TNT Logistics as Director of Field Sales for the USA Operations, and he has also held executive positions with a number of leading forwarders and airlines such as Roadway Global Air, Emery Worldwide and CF Air Freight. Currently, as the vice president of marketing & sales of North America, his overall responsibility includes not only the development of Global Tier One Multi-National Business and US lead International Sales & Marketing Programs but also with specific focus on the Asian freight forwarding, customs brokerage arena and key emphasis on the Greater China market.

North East Asia

General Manager
Kelvin Lin

Kelvin joined Dimerco as Corporate Business Development Director in 2016 and was transferred as Regional General Manager of North East Asia, Air & Others and General Manager of Dimerco Express Corporation on Jan. 1, 2017. Before joining Dimerco, Kelvin has devoted to logistics industry and earned extensive experience, including working with Morrison Express for more than 15 years and Expeditors International of Washington Inc. for over 12 years. Moreover, he was expatriated to China and Vietnam as a leader for business development. With abundant professional experience, he will devote himself to Dimerco and lead his peers to develop international global logistic market positively.

Corporate Ocean Freight Vice President
Kimber Lee

After 8 years’ service in Eva Air, Kimber joined Dimerco in 1999 and worked in Air Freight Services for 4 years. He was transferred to work in Ocean Freight Services in 2003. With outstanding performance and positive management capacity, he was promoted to Corporate Vice President & General Manager of Diversified Freight System Corp., Taiwan. With over 23 years' experience in Air and Ocean Freight Management, he does not only understand the importance of diversified service products, but also the integration of service to optimize the solution in meeting customers' requirements and expectation in Supply Chain Management.

South East Asia

Vice President
Jeffrey Shih

Jeffrey started his career with Dimerco Express Taiwan as Sales Representative in 1988 and relocated to Dimerco San Francisco office in early 1991. He became Branch Manager and General Manager during 1994 to 2003. After two years Sr. Director of Supply Chain Management experiences with Vizio Inc. He has rejoined Dimerco North America Regional office in July 2005 as Marketing Director and promoted to Vice President - Global Account Manager in 2012 to expand his capacity to focus on multinational accounts business development and contributed his success not only to North America region but also Asia Pacific Regions. In Feb of 2016, he was transferred to South East Asia Regional Office as Regional Vice President to lead South East Asia Offices to achieve the next level of performance.

Ocean Director
Raymund Hsu

Raymund joined Dimerco in 2016 as Ocean Director for Southeast Asia. He has extensive ocean business experience from his 21 years in both liner & the freight forwarding industry. Drawing from his expertise and exposure from past postings in various Asian countries, he is committed to strengthening our market leadership position by leveraging our technology capabilities, quality of our staff, and creating synergies in our network and business partners to become a major provider of global logistics and transportation solutions in the ASEAN region.


Eddie Lin

Eddie joined Dimerco as Sales Manager in 2004 and was transferred from Taipei, Taiwan to Shanghai, China in 2010. From Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager, District Sales Director of Greater China East District to Country Manager of Dimerco Express (U.K.) Ltd. in 2015, he dedicated himself and worked closely with teams across North East Asia, China & Hong Kong and Europe, capable of managing administration and sales development in both Air & Ocean Freight services. In 2017, he has been relocated as Regional Director of Europe, and he targets to lead his team to reach even higher contribution.