"Innovation" is the key to sustainable development, and the "Change" is an approach to cope with market trend.

Dimerco Express Group holds global view and foresees market trend from time to time, and has developed a global network to operate over 150 business locations in 17 countries in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, along with more than 190 strategic partner agents in rest of the world. We provide comprehensive logistics services to our customers through strategic alliance with air and ocean carriers, etc., based on our capability to integrate and streamline Supply Chain Management process to help customers enjoy feasible logistics solution to optimize their cost and to ensure timely delivery.

Be the most competitive transportation and logistics service provider, the key elements of Dimerco Express Group growth strategy are global reach with local touch in network expansion, products diversification and operation optimization, following data integration along with the application of Internet of Things (IoT) in building physical and virtual organization to provide far reaching International Logistics Services.

Dimerco Express Group provides multiple services that included both Dimerco Express (DIM) focuses on air freight services and Diversified Freight System (DFS) focuses on ocean freight services. The company coordinates the dual-brand strategy with our customized services including transportation, logistics, cargo insurance, import/export customs and inspections, domestic China transportation, cross-border road freight in Asia, Central European cross-border railway and cross-border e-commerce.