Q: When was Dimerco incorporated and when did Dimerco go public?
A: Dimerco Express Corporation was incorporated on Aug.2,1985 (Dimerco was founded on Jul.15,1971) and went public in 2001.
Q: What is Dimerco fiscal year?
A: The fiscal year ends on December 31.
Q: How many Dimerco shares are outstanding?
A: The information is available at the Market Observation Post System: http://newmops.tse.com.tw
Q: When does Dimerco announce its monthly revenue?
A: 8th of every month.
Q: How can I contact Dimerco’s shareholder services agent?
A: Yuanta Securities shareholder services Address:B1, No.210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL: (02)2586-5859 FAX:(02)2586-3072
Q: What is Dimerco’s stock code?
A: 5609
Q: Where can I find Dimerco’s stock price information?
A: Please go to GreTai Securities Market website: http://www.otc.org.tw/en/ Or view it in stock price page here.
Q: What do you need to do in order to participate in Dimerco’s dividend payments?
A: A shareholder must own Dimerco shares through the day before the ex-dividend date to be entitled to the proposed dividend payment.
Q: How do you reference price calculate for Ex-right/Ex-dividend Stocks?
A: For more stock price information, please visit GreTai Securities Market website: http://www.otc.org.tw/en/
Q: What is Dimerco''s historical dividend pay out?
A: The information is available at this website.
Q: What is structure of Dimerco’s shareholders?
A: The information is available at http://newmops.tse.com.tw
Q: How to get a copy of Dimerco’s Annual Report?
A: Please contact Yuanta Securities shareholder services.